Premium sweet smoked ground paprika

99.00 kr.

Handcrafted smoked paprika ground from own-grown paprika, from the Fajsz growing area. The specialty of their product is that it is smoked with hawthorn wood instead of the well-known acacia and beech wood, so it has a more pleasant aroma, a fruitier taste, without a bitter aftertaste.

We recommend it for any dish, either paired with or instead of the delicacy ground paprika. Also for vegans and vegetarians, especially for dishes in which they want to feel a taste similar to a little smoked meat, such as a bean soup.


Quality and Tradition

They have been producing their ground paprika since 1990. By this time, the fourth generation of their family farm is engaged in producing and processing ground paprika at Fajsz on nearly 30 hectares. They own to the proximity of the Danube, the soil and microclimate of their crop lands ensure the production of ground paprika of excellent quality. Their goal is to make our premium products, that is, the pillars of the Hungarian cuisine available for the public.


Excellent Raw Materials

Their premium artisan products are made of carefully selected primary materials of own production, with traditional processes.

Production and Processing

  1. Sowing

After soil preparation, the seeds of their spice paprika are placed in the soil by precision sowing in mid-March. In a smaller area they plant in May, after the frosts have passed, where they usually experiment with new varieties before sowing on a large area.

  1. Cultivation, harvesting

After sowing, the cultivation of emerged paprika begins with hoeing, and then watered alternately. For watering water-intensive paprika, they use the nutrient-rich living water of the Danube. Harvesting is carried out excusively by manual work in September, and only the first picking is processed.

  1. Post-maturation

Post-maturation is essential to achieve high quality and taste. Raw paprika is ripened in sachets for about 4-6 weeks, during which the paprika desiccates and, under the influance of sunlight, reaches its deep red colour and excellent aroma.

  1. Sorting

After desiccation, they sort out the damaged pieces and remove the stems of the paprika, so that only the excellent quality of paprika is placed in the dryer. Selection is done entirely by hand.

  1. Drying

This is the key to the production of spiece paprika. It is of the utmost importance to reduce the moisture content of the paprika by slow drying at low temperatures. With wood-fired, gentle drying, they ensure that their paprika absorbs valuable oils and nutrients as much as possible.

  1. Grinding

Dried semi-product is stored hermetically and freshly ground during the year according to demand. For their products they use a mixture of different varieties of paprika, in addition to which they use different technology and grinding delicacy.

  1. Packaging

Their aroma-tight, resealable stand up pouches ensure the freshness of their products. When designing packaging, they aimed to preserve traditional values, but still to look modern. Their spice paprika is distributed in both retail and wholesales packages and quantities.

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