Truffle Grape Seed Oil

139.00 kr.

Unlike other oils, the velvety grape seed oil does not possess intrusive, distinct flavors and aromas. This allows the truffles, with their noble aromas, to fully unfold. As a result, consumers feel as though the oil has been crafted from truffles themselves. This oil is excellent for enhancing the flavor of salads.


Their founder, István Szőke, has been passionately searching for unique and extraordinary flavors since his youth. After finding success in other ventures, he returned to his youthful passion and envisioned a collection of Hungarian culinary masterpieces.

Through close collaboration with his friends, including renowned experts, chefs, and culinary historians, he decided to identify, source, and curate Hungarian gourmet products made only with the finest ingredients. This collection continues to expand with new offerings.

United by the shared goal of making these exquisite products available worldwide, they came together to form Hungarian Heritage. Their aim is to bring the aromas, flavors, and traditions of Hungarian culture to as many people as possible.

In addition to the deli retail shop in Hungary, Hungarian Heritage products can be discovered from London to Singapore, courtesy of Impexon Hungary Kft, the main exporter of these goods.

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